Hullo. I call myself Ruth. Or Ruthie. Honestly, whichever you prefer. Or is easier. It honestly doesn’t matter to me. Nicknames are my favorite thing ever, though. I just came up with a new one: Riff raff. Pretty sure I am not the first to come up with that, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s look at a picture of me.


That isn’t me? Are you sure? Alas, I fear you are right. I really felt like I was rocking the head feathers.


Ah yeeeya. I am so LITTLE.

Last summer I was a recipient of the National Security Initiative for Youth in Turkey. I had the best summer of my life and made lifetime friends all over the country and the world. It literally was AMAZING and I would highly recommend applying for NSLI-Y for the 2016 summer or 2016-17 school year.


Link here: I am a traveler. Actually, I take that back. I don’t like to travel; I like to live. Seeing a county for 2 weeks is not enough. I believe that every location in the world has something to offer. You can’t fully understand or appreciate that in a short amount of time. I am a liver. Oh, that sounds weird. I am certainly not a liver.


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I know! We’ll call me an abroader. I like it. I have lived in 7 countries (including the U.S.). I plan on living in more in the future. I applied for 3 government programs to live abroad for the 2015-16 school year: CBYX (, NSLI-Y Turkey for the year (because I liked it so much), and YES Abroad ( It actually is surprising because, before this last summer in Turkey, I never even considered studying abroad. Goes to show you that a lot of passions come through experience. Anyway, little sentence blip on how cool I am: I love birds, anatomy, cereal, baking, swimming, playing the piano, sleeping, writing, reading, listening to Shakira and Mika (more than that, I guess, but Shak is queen) and watching movies. Ah. Not that cool after all. It’s ok. Mebbe I prove you wrong, ya? We’ll see in the future. Later, peeps.


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