Serious Issues

Today I’d like to discuss a very serious and often misunderstood topic. Please keep your minds open and I’ll do my best to try to not offend anyone.

Any ideas as to the topic?

My brother has been writing on his blog for a while now, and back in December 2014, I remember him mentioning strawberry cheetos in a couple posts (see here and here). I remember thinking, “Bleh, that sounds disgusting. Why would anyone want any flavor other than cheese?”


The thought was promptly stored in the random things drawer in my cranial filing cabinet until it was needed for a further time.

Fast forward to this last week.

We have two breaks in Indonesian school. My friends always buy food; I always have food from home already, so there is no use in buying snacks.

My friend brings in a bag of Cheetos. The packaging is weird. It’s partially green.

That should have been warning enough.

She proceeded to offer me some. She tilts the open bag towards me.

I am not the biggest fan of Cheetos. I really like the puffy ones, but these are not the puffy ones.

“Tidak,” I say, and then do a double take.

What’s this?

They are naked. Pale and naked. I investigate the outside of the packaging.

Corn, it looks like.

photo cred:,d.c2E&psig=AFQjCNFNhLHMmG2FbFAYMVrR0N7a5UdE7Q&ust=1441805708050229

pc: Google

My brain promptly takes out the strawberry Cheetos file and compares it with this new data.

Not the samebut both are different. Neither is correct. Neither has cheese. 

I try one of the incorrect Cheetos. Corn indeed. It tastes like a convoluted processed corn chip (which shouldn’t have surprised me).

“Do you have the cheese Cheetos here?” I ask my friend. She tells me that they do not.

So what are we to do about these corn Cheetos?

There really is nothing.

Therefore, I’m going to reflect back on this being a serious issue.

Why is it an issue? Because it is different. And just because it is different doesn’t mean it is bad (even if you don’t like it). Why is it misunderstood? Because different types of Cheetos are found in different countries and places. Unfamiliarity creates misunderstanding.  All Cheetos are created equal, whether they are strawberry or corn or cheese. All are equally unhealthy, and all are made by Frito Lay.

So, an organization has been created to help dispel this misunderstanding and unfamiliarity between Cheetos. I am a new member of the Equal Cheeto Rights Movement, and I hope to recruit you in this extremely serious and incredibly important cause. You can have a button. And put it everywhere. Let everyone know.


(legit guys, I worked more on that button than I did the rest of this post haha.)

The lessons you learn when you study abroad.


4 thoughts on “Serious Issues

  1. Alison Snyder says:

    I remember they had different flavors of Doritos in Mexico. I miss those kinds. And instead of putting butter on their popcorn at the movies, they put hot sauce! At first the idea grossed me out… but then I tried it and loved it.


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