Martabak Manis

The people cried out unto the Lord, Give us a miracle.

And behold, the Lord gave them martabak manis.

What is this martabak manis?

Possibly the most delicious thing I have ever consumed.

I remember the first time I ate it. It was near the beginning of my time here. My host mom called me out of my room and said, “Try this, Ruth.” I looked at it skeptically and tried it. I try to try everything.

I think I died. I remember thinking, What is this? I have to have this again. I asked the name, but promptly forgot (I forget most Indonesian words at first).

It wasn’t until a week or so ago when I was chatting with some of my fellow YES Indonesia-ers. One of them, Ruby, got sick from eating batagor martabak (batagor, American friends, is like street food). She said that she didn’t regret it at all since it was so delicious. Curious, I looked it up. When I saw a picture of it, I remembered it.

And I will never forget it again.

I’ve had it since, and it was as wonderful as the first time. I seriously am going to learn how to make it and then make it for all my ‘muricans. (If there are any Indonesians out there that want to teach me how to make martabak manis, please let me know!)

There are two types of martabak:

Manis: It’s a fried crepe thing with cheese and chocolate on the inside.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Cheese and chocolate, Ruth? What on earth? It works, and it works well.

Telur: This is the same fried crepe, but with eggs and some veggies. Very savory, and good also.

If you want to know more about this heavenly concoction, click here. The author explains it much better than I do.

Peace out. Ima go eat some martabak manis.


5 thoughts on “Martabak Manis

  1. Mike Reed says:

    Well today I didn’t work then I didn’t go to the gym either. Hi took the Sam and the other two boys to school. I stop by country Oaks and look at the area lights. I open the garage door I forgot I left open all day. After I cleaned up I went home and mom and I went out to lunch at a a steakhouse. Mom was so exhausted she slept through the presentation that was given. She’s been staying up very late at night doing her PhD homework. We then went to Costco and bought some raspberries and came home at 3 to take Lisa to radiation therapy. When Mom got home at 5:35 I took the red car discount tire to rotate the tires. However, I found out that the tires the tires in a link been rotated once give me some credit and I bought two new . were worn out. So I had two of them replaced and they were rotated. But since I didn’t go to the gym this morning I went as far for half an hour. I was little afraid since I have been feeling sick today and had to bounce with diarrhea. Maybe that’s too much information

    When I got home mom and Lisa and Diana were walking around the block at 1 to pick her up but I know that Lisa want to walk. Tomorrow seems like it’s going to be a long day. Work is become more and pleasant. But I’ll make it Dad


  2. Debbie Hale says:

    I have so enjoyed reading your posts and am thrilled you are having such an incredible experience! I just love readings about all your travels. You must be learning so much!
    I want you to know I am thinking of you on your birthday tomorrow and hope you have a great day!!
    Happy Birthday! We certainly miss you!
    All my love,
    Debbie Hale


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