Taman Bunga

So, I’m not really sure how to write about this, as the trip was wholly visual without any sort of real story to go behind it. Essentially, we just visited a giant flower garden near Puncak. I’ll let the pictures be the story and let the captions clarify anything.


A pretty mosque we saw on the way there.



They say peacock bushes are carnivorous.



My host mom.


My host parents.


The dinosaur who tried to eat me.


My host sister.


Me trying to be a shmancy photographer person.



With my host mom and sister.


Modeling would obviously be a poor career choice for me.



Completely unaware of the ravenous bush duck behind her.


Getting swaggy on me.


Sometimes you can find a bule beast hiding behind trees.

This photo is ridiculously cute. *B*

They had a little Hindu-ish shrine place on the property:


Bali style face.


Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?


My host dad and some sort of Hindu shrine structure.


Stone maiden.


Being classy is tiring.




6 thoughts on “Taman Bunga

  1. Mike Reed says:

    I like your Gmail it’s interesting to see all those bushes that somebody’s manicured. Your seems like you doing lots of traveling. I’m surprised by the way that tree is formed the complicated one haha. The Bali temple has lots of moss on it. It must be really humid there. How far away from your house is that. You said they put a temple in the yard where is the park. It snowed again last night very lightly the temperature here is around 24 degrees. I’ll try to attach a picture for you to see. We miss you I hope you doing alright. It was nice talking to you yesterday sorry I had to leave to get my haircut. But I think it looks nice. However I was late for Sadie’s birthday SADIE HALLS birthday was yesterday. And mom went. We’re little short on computers around here. The one that mom got from work is broken and so she short she’s been working on her PhD thesis. She submitted it to UNLV and they’re going to send her to a conference in California. She’s pretty excited she should be proud that she does such good work. She’s just finishing up for second doctorate degree. Which i think is impressive Last night I went and bought some more bird seed for the sparrows. I had run out of seed but now they’re all outside the window. The Bluebirds come and scare them away, which I don’t like it. I sure like this talking text it’s a lot easier to type to you. I better go hope you’ll get this. It beats when I got your text.

    Love dad


  2. Mike Reed says:

    Picture of Adeleigh, I think it cute when kids cry, especially little kids who dont get their way . Ethan protecting his eyes,after surgery PRK, which is similar to Lasix


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