Confucius temple

When I first came to Indonesia, I had no idea that I’d be traveling as many places as I have. I certainly did not anticipate the opportunity to leave the country and travel to China.

Confucius temple

IDK what that says


Nah, I’m just messing with you. This is a Confucius temple in Taman Mini.

(part 2/2)

December 3, 2015

In Jakarta, there is a place/park called Taman Mini. It is filled with representations of Indonesia. They have architecture from every region of Indonesia. It’s cool to compare the various cultures in this incredibly diverse country.

The school holiday had begun, so I went to Taman Mini with my Bunda and Sabrina. After we visited Taman Burung (see the post before this), we went and visited a Confucius temple in the park.

@ the Confucius temple.

The altar.

The altar.

Confucius temple windows.

Look at me being artsy.

Indonesians are acceptant of any religion someone decides to be a part of. There are six main religions one can declare themselves to be in Indonesia: Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Protestant, Catholic, and Confucius. Consequently, religious buildings for each were in Taman Mini:

IMG_8631 1.JPG

Catholic and Protestant churches.

IMG_8625 1.JPG

The mosque.


The Buddhist temple.


The Hindu temple.

After we went to the Confucius temple, we went on a gondola ride across the park. Although the gondola part was rather uneventful (as most gondola parts of the ride are), the views were great.

IMG_8616 1.JPG

Taman Mini.

Gondola ride. (Taman Mini) *S*


This castle is modeled after Sleeping Beauty’s (or whoever that princess is) castle in Disneyland California.

They had a lake with manmade islands on it in the shape of the islands of Indonesia.

From the gondola

Kalimantan (Borneo) at the top right and Java at the very bottom.

In Taman Mini, they have representational villages for each region of Indonesia. We drove past most of them on the way in. After we walked out of the gondola ride, the entrance to the West Papua village was across the street. Since it was so close, we decided to check it out.

What a West Papuan village would look like apparently

West Papuan village model.


Too tall to stand up all the way.

papuan relics

Papuan art

Papuan carving.


Another Papuan carving.

Papua person and I. (Taman Mini) (S)

Me and my Papuan husband.

Going to Taman Mini was a cool experience. I went there at the beginning of the year for the AFS Arrival Orientation, but I didn’t really understand or appreciate what the park offered. I’m glad that I got another chance to check it out.


3 thoughts on “China

  1. Debbie Hale says:

    I can’t believe what an amazing experience you are having! It is so fun to keep up on all you are doing and I am so glad you are happy and healthy and living with such an incredible family!
    We miss you but envy all the fabulous things you are doing!!
    Love, Debbie Hale


  2. Rachel Reed says:

    I actually thought you went to China, you little chistesa (joker in Spanish). But I loved your post, it was super funny and it looks fun! Te amo!


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