End of School

You know, it has always seemed to me that school takes FOREVER.


And you know 9 months in school sounds like a long time, especially if you’re in school on exchange.

This is what a typical school day here would look like for me:

  • Wake up at 5:20
  • Leave home at 6:30
  • Get to school at 7 and run to class. Of course I was always late. If the teacher was there, I would go up to them and salim them. Unlike the other students who were late, I didn’t get any crap for it (bule power right there).
  • Whilst lessons were happening, I would write in my journal, color in a coloring book, sleep, learn vocabulary, develop a code*, etc.
  • When lessons were over or more commonly (hemhemextremely commonly) the teachers just didn’t show up, I would talk to my classmates, go to the kantin (equivalent of snack shop), visit other classes, sit outside my class, etc.
  • There is a half hour break at 10:30 and 12:30.
  • School ended at 2:40-50. After class I helped clean our classroom.
  • I would go to any extracurriculars I had after school if applicable (Rineka, traditional instruments and dance club, or English Club), or just go home.

*I originally started making the code because everyone was reading my journal in school. But then being the perfectionist I am, I overcomplicated it and it is still being developed 9 months later. Now it’s more for just being a code rather than for codification. All my journals are in English.

In Indonesian school, they have one class for the whole year. Teachers rotate in for different subjects.

I was a special case. I did a class a month so I could cover the 9 11th grade classes. Because of breaks and etc, some of the classes got a lot less time.

There are 3 grades in Indonesian school: 10th, 11th, and 12th. I was in 11th grade despite being older than most the 12th graders. The reason for this is because during 12th grade, the 12th graders are extremely focused on studying for a test to get into college. I was put in 11th grade because the 11th graders would be able to interact with me more.

There are two tracks in Indonesian school: IPA and IPS. IPA is science-focused. The people who want to do science-y stuff do this track. IPS is the social track, and it is for non-STEM careers. In my school in the 11th grade there were 6 IPA classes and 3 IPS classes.


I had no favorite class. Every class was so different and unique in their own way. It was really cool to see the dynamics of every class. Despite all my classmates being a year younger than me, I got along very well with them.

What does my school look like?

Well, this is the side of the school where everyone parks the motorcycles/motorbikes they ride to school:

Side of the school.

The lower kantin, or where people eat:

A crappy pic of the kantin

The sports court in front of the school:

the sports court

A classroom (normally they’re a lot more orderly):


The upper and smaller kantin:


One of the many hallways:

Hallway outside IPS 1 and 2

The fish pond:

The fishpond

Another hallway:

Hallway leading to IPA 3

The garden courtyard:

the grounds

So there’s a little taste of SMA 2 Bogor.


Last week was my last day of school.

I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know how much it would hurt.

(note to all my friends: I didn’t pick these pictures because I prefer any one of you over another. I just picked some out of the many pictures I have. Jangan sedih kalo Euis ga ngepost fotomu đŸ™‚ )

My last day was in the week after finals, so it wasn’t mandatory for students to come. When I did come, this is what my class looked like:

IPA 5.

Yep. Empty.

Well, except for one person. He was so kind as to pose in my classroom photo. đŸ™‚

My friends told me not to come so early, so I came at 7:40 (40 minutes late). I guess it was still too early.

As people started filtering in, I began taking photos with them:

Teman IPS 3

I went from class to class and took pictures with the friends that decided to come to school.

Pendek banget yaaaa (IPA 2)

Boyses from IPA 1


We have a couple of school cats at school. They wander around from class to class looking for food (which is plentiful at break time).

One of the school cats

rili and a girl from IPA 5 (IPA 4)


With classmates from IPA 6

With IPA 5


so short

Being there for that last time was very sad for me. I didn’t expect how much I would enjoy school this year. I didn’t expect make so many friends or meet so many wonderful, kind, and welcoming people.

SMANDA, you’ve been more than good to me. You took a struggling bule who couldn’t say anything besides Nama saya Ruth and kepo and churned out a confident, somewhat conversational bule.

To my teachers, thank you for dealing with me sleeping in class and popping into the teachers’ room. You all were so kind to me. I will miss our spontaneous selfies.

To all my classmates and friends, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being my friends and welcoming me into your school and lives. And although my time at SMANDA is up, that doesn’t mean that we can’t jalan2 anymore! (Kalo mau jalan2, yuukk! Nanti Line gw ya! Euis pulang habis Lebaran, jadi masih bisa nongkrong!)

To SMANDA (and high school!), I say peace out!

gaya apasihhh (IPA 1)




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