Partying It Up At Taman Safari

I hope you like animals, because that’s what this post is about.

At the end of May, I went to Taman Safari in Puncak (1-2 hours from Bogor). I went with my host mom and Steven and Lizzie (YES Abroad students in Jakarta).

I knew that Taman Safari was a zoo, but I was a little shocked to find out that it is not only a zoo, but a safari (“It literally has ‘safari’ in the name, Ruth.”). That meant that we literally drove through the animals’ enclosures. It was very cool.

baby elephant

Before entering Taman Safari, we saw people selling carrots.

“We should buy some to bring home.” My host mom remarked. We didn’t.

Well, I quickly found out the purpose of the carrots.

accepting a carrot

People rolled down their windows and fed the animals.

Thus, the animals had become expectant that each car would give them a Carrot Offering. That’s where this happened:


And he wasn’t the only one.

I want food

The camels were interested as well.




hallo mate

One of the really cool animals was a wildebeest. I’ve only seen wildebeests on Lion King. Although the movie is an excellent one, let’s be honest: I’ve never seen a wildebeest.


(How dare you kill Mufasa.)

After the safari, they had the rest of the park. We went and watched a sea lion show.

through the hoop


He’s saluting.

slow dancing

Slow dancing.

There was also supposed to be a bird show, but they canceled it.

Well then.

I got to see the birds chilling, although it made me a little sad to see them tied up.

these poor birds

In another part of the park they had some rides. After going through a haunted house, Lizzie and Steven went on a rocket ride.

Ready to go on the rocket-type of ride

And after that, we went and looked at the elephants.

These elephants stood in a square and just walked around and chilled there. They were trained.

why you playin

We took some photos with them (although I’m not sure where those photos are). Before the photos, the elephants had been a comfortable distance away. When I looked back after, however, I was really surprised to see the elephants right behind me and doing this:

feed me

Their deal? Photos for food.

We went and checked out the tigers after.


walking across

There was also a liger.


There were some animals that you could sit next to and take photos with. One was a tiger, one was a lion, and one was a baby orangutan.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I suspected there was something off about it. I later found out about how Taman Safari may drug these animals (the carnivores, at least).

he's beautiful.

So I didn’t take any pictures with them.

Lizzie wanted to take a photo with the baby orangutan, but the baby orangutan was done “working” for the day, so she couldn’t. (the cover photo is this baby orangutan)

We did get to see another orangutan.

daddy chillin

Next, we went to the mini aviary, which is always my favorite part of zoos.

upside down


nice hair


We finished off the day with catching the end of an elephant presentation. We saw the elephants paint a tree on a shirt.


And then going home we were stuck in 4 hours of traffic. Can’t say that I’m going to miss that about Indonesia. 😉





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