Getting This S*/&@(#^ Started

Note: Ruthie flipping sucks at being consistent at posting and is just going to blame the 5 month time gap between posts on school¬†ūüė¨ Whoo got a little carried away with the title there. For your information,¬†S*/&@(#^ means "swankier". Or maybe it means "salivary". Nah I'm just kidding. It really means "sandbag". We've been here … Continue reading Getting This S*/&@(#^ Started



Note: Took place in June 2017, but I was not able to post anything at the time. Picture this: a little town next to the beach in Colombia. What else do you see? Restaurants? A lot of sunburnt tourists? Pi√Īa coladas while looking out on aquamarine waves? Well, Salgar is not¬†quite like that. It¬†is next … Continue reading Salgar