One Year and Then Some

Hey all. Long time no see. I originally wrote this post on my onr year anniversary of returning to the U.S. However, due to connectivity issues I haven't been able to publish it until now. I give you what I wrote then: One year ago, I was on a plane heading to the U.S. I … Continue reading One Year and Then Some


Ramadan and Lebaran

This last June was Ramadan! For those of you who don't know what Ramadan is, it essentially is (Islamic) fasting for the lunar month of Ramadan. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for 30 days. In addition, they may pray more, go to the mosque more, and read the Qur'an more. They are to refrain … Continue reading Ramadan and Lebaran


Boo. Did I scare you? That mummy is from Toraja, Indonesia, aka The Land of Heavenly Kings. If you look on the above map, Toraja is in the southern middle-ish part of Sulawesi. As far as I know, every year AFS students have a mid-year trip. This year, it was to Toraja in mid-May. We … Continue reading Toraja